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he was leaving court after a very brief testimony in the trial of max wade, accused of two counts of attempted murder and orchestrating a theft of a car in 2011. that $200,000 car belongs to fee era. prosecutors say wade stole the car to try to impress a girl but when she spurn the his advances a disguised wade tried to shoot the girl and her boyfriend but missed. in april 2012 he was arrested where they found evidence of the shooting and they found the lamb bergen ney which the chef says will be his last. >> i had a chance to own one. i have to move past it. we'll stick with american made. >> his testimony was a minor matter in the case. closing arguments began this afternoon and are still under way. >>> penn state is paying $59.7 million to 27 abused. university president rodney erickson called the agreements another step forward in the healing process for those hurt by mr. sandusky and another step forward for penn state. >> the doctor convicted of causing michael jackson's death has been released from jail. he left just after midnight. he had been sentenced to serve four years
in the attempted murder trial of max wade. accused of trying to kill a 17- year-old girl and her boyfriend last year. he's also charged with stealing a lamborghini. the verdict will be announced in just minutes at 4:30. we'll have an update for you on the 10:00 o'clock news. >>> a school is trying to bounce back from the theft of thousands of dollars in computer equipment over the weekend. police say thieves took 62 laptops and i-pads from river glen schools. police told ktvu there were no signs of forced entry. they're considering the possibility the thief is connected to the school. the devices cost about $70,000 and were used for 3-5th grade students. many of them don't have computers at home. >> without the laptops and the i-pads where they're doing research, where they're doing their reading, or getting the intervention, they don't get computer skills. >> the cost for the stolen items comes in under the school's insurance deductible amount, so it won't be covered. >>> the search for a lost gold miner continues in the sierra foothills. walter steveers. this video was taken in 2005. he is th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2